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  1. About us


     “cheers吉力士?”founded in 2014,covers and area of 4000 m2and the the building area of the first stage is 5000 m2,specialized in concrete(stone) floor grinding and polishing machine,polishing machine,dust-free epoxy grinding machine,road scarifying and milling machine and high quality spare parts. Also, “cheers吉力士?” has a construction team to do project for chinese enterprise building and government building .With this application, “cheers吉力士?” can found out the problem and shortage by ourselves and develop the performance in a very short time. It owns over 10 CNC lathes, 10 gear hobbing machines, 2 plastic rolling machines , 3welding machines,60 staffs. Now “cheers吉力士?” is popular in domestic and foreigner customer , with a good sales performance, 600 sets /months. Total sales is about 11 million /per year

       Welcome to consult and cooperate!